minno was created to give small businesses a better agency experience.

Big agencies can be frustrating. Where creativity thrives at the concept stage, the end result often falls short. And once the project is complete and invoices paid, clients without a hefty retainer are often left to fend for themselves.

At minno, it’s a no bullsh*t kind of game where we nurture brands as if they were our own. This means celebrating leads at 10pm on a Friday, and making performance optimisations on the fly, wherever we are. It’s not because we like to be in control (ok, only a little) it’s all about providing value where big agencies fail. We’re the kind of people that will keep checking back on a website long after the client gets the keys.

minno is a small business marketing agency specialising in brand optimisation, UX design, website design & development, SEO, lead generation, GoogleAds, and social advertising.

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