Yang Ming Shan Christian School

No. 64, Lane 80, Juangding Road, Shirlin Chiu, 111
Taiwan نقشہ دیکھایئے
+886 228 616 400

YMSCS orginated as a school for children of missionaries at the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital in Taipei Taiwan in the early '50s. A new school was built in 1987 on beautiful Yang Ming Shan in a lovely environment with large green playing flields with fresh air and views of the mountains.

It has grown considerably in the last few years meeting the needs of foreign passport holders in the Taipei area. We offer an American K-9 curriculum with all American teachers and textbooks.

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  1. 1.ایک نیا اکاؤنٹ یا لاگ ان رجسٹر کریں
  2. 2.مفت کاروباری اکاؤنٹ بنائیں
  3. 3.اپنی لسٹنگ ایڈٹ کریں-نئے صارفین حاصل کریں
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