“Congress Export” is a trading company based in Ukraine with offices in China and UAE. Our company represents the biggest agro holdings of Ukraine and is focused on export of agricultural products.                              

The aim of “Congress Export” is to collaborate with companies of all types of properties all around the world and to organize deliveries of agricultural products in required volumes for them at a reasonable price.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                      The agro holdings, which interests we represent, posses 80 000 ha of land bank, 270 000 tons of crops in storage, 15 own elevators, 13000 heads of cattle, 17 farms. 

We supply the following products:

- grain:  wheat (human consumption – 2,3 grade; feed – 4,5,6), corn, barley, oat, rye ( from 10 000 tons);

- vegetable oil (crude and refined): sunflower, rapeseed, corn, soy (from 1 000 tons in PET bottles or flexi tank);

- flour: wheat, corn, rye (from 5 000 tons);

- beans and oilseeds: haricot (black, white Navy bean sort), soy, flax seeds, rapeseed;

- meat: beef, veal, lamb ( halal meat also);

-sugar (from 100 tons);

- organic fertilizers (from 10 000 tons).                                                            


We make deliveries all over the world according to incoterms 2010 (FOB - ports in Ukraine, CIF - named port of destination, CIP - named place of destination, DDU/DAP).


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