G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH

Cargo City Nord - Tor 26
Gebäude 458
Frankfurt a. M. - Flughafen, 60549
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+49 6 969 712 540

G.K. Air Freight Services GmbH, has been shipping pets safely for more than 40 years to and from all parts of the globe. Familiarly known as G.K. Air, it is in the forefront of animal transportation industry when it comes to relocating beloved pets.

For G.K. Air, animal transport is primarily a matter of trust. An international network for species-correct animal transportation is essential for the G.K. team. That is why that G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH has been a member of the internationally acclaimed Animal Transport Association (ATA) for more than 30 years. G.K. Air is the only animal transport firm that is a member of WAZA – the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the most important association of its kind in the world.


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