Sand dance Tyre established in 2016 our primary business is new tyre changing in Dubai. In very short time Sand Dance become the top tyre changing company in Dubai. Now we are providing all auto motive services in Dubai. We are also providing these services in Sharja Ajman and Abu Dubai. If you want to change tyres and complete Vehicle checkup, Sand dance have expert mechanics with computerized mechanics. We checked your vehicles with latest computerized machine and diagnose the right fault of your car. We are also providing tyres 50% cheaper than dealers throughout the UAE. Before arrival please confirm your appointment Phone no 800 222 111. Therefore you may not a longer time wait experience. We have special luxury waiting areas for customers.

We completely check Vehicle and inform about your Vehicle fault. Therefore fault identified at the right time, you can replace it before it fails completely and damaged other parts of car. I inform you about these things.

Oil Change information

Suspensions and shock absorber

Wheel Alignment

Air Conditioner Information

Puncher Repair

Engine fault Diagnoses

Brakes Information

Our timings are 8:00am to midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and 3:00pm to 11:00pm on Friday. Our and WHATS APP +971 56 511 5894  

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