A San Francisco and London based full services Blockchain Development Company, PrimaFelicitas offers easy, secure and cost effective blockchain solution across different industries. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, PrimaFelicitas provides comprehensive assistance to customers, helping them develop their ideas and leading them through the path of business development. We have successfully fulfilled thousands of projects across different technologies and have clients across the world.
Services offered at PrimaFelicitas

·  Blockchain Consulting
·  Blockchain Project Development
·  DApps Development
·  Smart Contract Development
·  Exchange Creation
·  Hashgraph Development
·  Cryptocurrency Development
·  Blockchain and Allied Tech
·  POC Blockchain Application
·  Hyperledger Blockchain Development
·  Decentralization Consulting
·  ICO Token Development
·  Token Launch Service
·  ICO Whitepaper


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