French As You Like It

26 rue du petit Musc
Paris, 75004
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+33 666 105 364

Private and semi private linguistic coaching to help you feel comfortable speaking French in Paris and get settled doing what you like and need! Specially designed lessons for students who want to learn French in a short timescale Programs for the whole family: FLEXIBLE, PRATICAL AND ENJOYABLE!

We will share your goals and interests whilst providing you with the French as you like it Methodology and lesson support materials. This innovative approach to teaching French is proven to speed your French speaking and written abilities and help you to speak fluent French. Practical and innovative lessons for Businessmen and Housewives who wish to combine rapid advancement of their spoken and written French along with cultural and geographical lessons about Paris. NEW: lessons for children! French As You Like It ® , dedicated to children with difficulties to speak French in Paris. Numerous references upon request.

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