Preparing your child for a successful future.

Searching for a school that provides academic excellence and an enriching environment for your child is one of the most momentous decisions a parent will ever make. After all, this is where dreams begin and career choices are made!

Five campuses, one international school

With five campuses across The Hague and Voorschoten, The British School in The Netherlands (BSN) is large enough to cater for families from all over the world living within the Randstad area.

The British School in The Netherlands (BSN) offers a unique academic five pathways programme for its international students. The three junior schools and two senior schools follow the British curriculum right through from Foundation Stage (ages 3-5) to the Sixth Form (ages 16-18).

At Sixth Form, students can choose either to continue with the British Curriculum or pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The BSN offers a unique range of programmes including A Levels, IB Diploma Programme, IB Career-related Programme, BTEC qualifications and mixed pathways.


Starting school: Easy does it

No matter how old your child may be, starting or changing school is an exciting, but sometimes stressful time for both parents and children. You can rest easy knowing the BSN welcomes children from all over the world, from over 80 nationalities in fact, who contribute to its internationally British school ethos.

Language learning is important at the school, as the children often arrive with different levels of English. As such, staff are very experienced in supporting children with a wide range of fluency in English. English as an Additional Language (or EAL), is a phrase used by teachers to refer to children who speak a language other than English.

In addition, International Student Ambassadors buddy up with new students and introduce them to the BSN way of life - they never feel like the newbie for long!


Foundation stage at the BSN

Foundation Stage or Early Years represents the first chapter of your child’s education. During these formative years, a carefully integrated two-year programme of learning is provided which covers key areas such as personal, emotional and social development, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Your child can start the Foundation Stage once they are three and toilet trained. Don’t miss this opportunity to make the start of their school adventure as smooth, positive and happy as possible.


Open your child's window to the world at BSN

The BSN’s reputation as a school of academic excellence continues to grow and its students’ results speak for themselves. With impressive results such as these, it's no wonder that students’ university destinations are equally impressive. A BSN education really can open a window to a world of opportunities.

The BSN has a very active global alumni network which their current students can tap into for mentoring opportunities, work placements and networking.

“Both my children had a wonderful time at BSN. We loved the ethos of the school and the attitude of staff and children.” ~ BSN Leavers Survey 2019


Mental health and wellbeing in the curriculum

Their pastoral care is a key part of the British education system and permeates all they do to support their students’ academic and personal success within the school.

“We were very impressed with the standard of care by teachers.” ~ Welcome Survey 2019

At the BSN, teachers and staff not only look after the academic progress and achievement of their children and students but also regard emotional, physical health and wellbeing as a top priority. As such, they have developed and established a network of support, advice and care that enables children to flourish emotionally and socially, which will, in turn, help them to thrive academically.


Helping others 

The school organises themed assemblies that encourage children to think about core values. During these, students can put their points of view across. Additionally, the students also help to teach younger students, so they can directly experience the altruistic rewards that come from helping others. These are just some examples that show that the BSN fosters a learning environment.

“My daughter absolutely flourished at BSN. She has made many friends and generally had positive experiences with the teachers. We feel she is a more mature, well-rounded individual for her time at BSN.” ~ BSN Leavers Survey 2019


Co-curricular activities at the BSN

There are plenty of opportunities for cross-school interactions in the many sports clubs or creative arts and collaborative projects. At these clubs and projects, wider friendship circles are created, making for sociable and confident children and young adults.

“We loved the school's outstanding commitment to music, especially in getting everyone involved in learning & performing music. Great curriculum.” ~ BSN Leavers Survey 2019

Life at the BSN is so much more than just the classrooms. The wide range of clubs, groups and activities - both during and after school - offer students the chance to extend and enrich their interests, as well as providing opportunities for personal development.


The BSN Admissions Team

“Admissions made us feel very welcome since the beginning and behaved very professionally. This we really appreciated, being new in the Netherlands.” ~ Welcome Survey 2019

The BSN Admissions Team has been nominated twice for the Relocate Award for "School Providing Outstanding Relocation Support", due to its warm welcome and the help it provides to new families to settle in.

The Admissions Team understands the importance of finding the right school for your child or children. They are there to make this decision an easy and positive experience. The team is excited to share what the school has to offer you and your child and they look forward to meeting your family.

  • We have places available! Contact the admissions department today to secure your place. 

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