The British School of Amsterdam is a non-selective independent co-educational day school and offers a British-style education to children of all nationalities between the ages of 2 and 13. The school was founded in 1978 by members of the British community in Amsterdam. It is a non-profit making association managed by a board of Governors elected by members of the Association. The teaching programme is based on the English National Curriculum and also makes full use of the national and cultural heritage of the Netherlands. Music and drama, art and craftwork and physical education form an important part of the curriculum in addition to the more formal academic subjects. Dutch is taught to children from four years old, French to children from eight years old, Latin to children from ten and Spanish to children from eleven years old. English as an additional language is available to children who need extra tuition. A wide range of extra-curricular activities and lessons in several musical instruments are available. Visits to places of interest in and around Amsterdam are a regular occurrence. The staff are fully-qualified members of the teaching profession and with a wide variety of skills and interests, ensuring that each child's potential in all areas is fully developed.

The school is located on three purpose-built sites situated in the residential suburbs of Amsterdam. The Nursery and Infant school provide facilities for children aged 2- 7. This site has five nursery classrooms, 13 additional classrooms, a language room, a music room, an information technology suite, two libraries and a gymnasium. The Junior school 175 meters away comprises of ten classrooms, a state-of-the-art ICT suite, two libraries, a gymnasium and a music practice room. The Middle school provides specialist facilities for children from 11-13. The facilities include a science lab, music suite, ICT lab, art and design lab, music technology lab and a modem foreign languages room. Children in the Junior school also have access to these facilities.

The school begins in September and ends in mid-July. There are three terms with short breaks at half-term and longer breaks at Christmas and Easter. The school day begins at 08.45 and finishes at 15:30 for the primary school and at 16.00 for pupils in the middle school.

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