Spacehuntr is a fully integrated 360° platform that enables businesses to book and manage Work, Play, and Stay spaces for corporate events in one easy to use platform that acts as a digital event planner.

Spacehuntr has worked with over 2,000 venues and continues to expand its network to over 10,000 spaces internationally by mid-2021. Spacehuntr is currently live in 13 cities : Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Prague, Lisbon, and Milan with plans to expand globally in the next three months. They currently have over 10 members of staff and are looking to expand their team.

Spacehuntr allows a company to book and manage a whole event in one place. Through the Spacehuntr website, users can book and manage the most unique Work, Play & Stay spaces for business events that help to stimulate innovation and creativity rather than a dull and stifling corporate meeting space.

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