Studapart is an online accommodation booking platform that makes renting simple and human, whatever the length of your stay.

It's a culture that reflects who we are and unites us around shared values of transparency, inclusion and caring. It is embodied in the three pillars of the better housing culture:

- Better housing is simplicity itself: Landlords and tenants are put in touch based on the criteria entered on the platform (date of entry, duration, rental file). Everyone gets an answer in less than 48 hours, and the whole process is 100% online.

- Security is the key to better accommodation:
Studapart provides all the security you need for a trouble-free rental. Landlords and tenants are protected in the event of a problem: last-minute cancellations, damage, non-payment, non-compliant adverts.

- Better renting through support:
At Studapart, you are not alone. The team will accompany you as you wish and is available before, during and after your reservation to help you move forward with peace of mind.