World Holidays and Students Homes
We take the initiative to introduce you to our rental services for short and medium term for holidays, to tourists and travelers, but also rooms and apartments for students, respectively.
We are interested in working with Your company, as your activity partnership, with your house, if you are the owner, or offer you the best house or room, if client, traveler / tourist or student.
We are interested in increasing the number of properties and clients, so we can receive and place our travelers throughout the year, low season and high and as we are getting good number of orders for Portugal, Spain, Italy, France/Brazil, USA nd other countries, to work together in hosting citizens and travelers from Central and Northern Europe into these destinations countries, would like to establish a partnership, prompting us to provide houses, apartments and rooms to put together our own channels of customer acquisition, and thus the RENTAL4ALL, able to produce new properties and properties to spend holiday or a season. 
In the case of being interested in our homes, then be able to enjoy the benefit of thousands of homes in our online platform to spend excellent days and unforgettable moments of your life.
The idea is to give and receive.
RENTAL4ALL works in partnership with Ondaplanetária brand companies group. We have 4 companies: Ondaplanetária, Lda, Lisbon, Portugal, our headquarters Ondaplanetária, Luanda, Angola, Ondaplanetária International, Maputo, Mozambique and Ondaplanetária Cape Verde, Sal.
We have been and continue to be a group of companies in education / School Support and Recruitment (see website), but as we have many contacts and customers interested in travel, tourism and business, we turn to the sector of the real estate / real-estate and property and are in this area and in a phenomenal and powerful project, called RENTAL4ALL where you can see and book on time, your vacation home and where he also think, want to study and get to know another country than their own, live there a while.
Companies and owners, I would like to address the invitation and list the large number of excellent quality properties we have and would like to have them on the pages of our site to stay there for 12 months, extendable, so we can recommend the properties to our travelers and visitors and also pass on the information of our international channel partners with whom we work in the world .
We have customers from different countries and would like to put it on our website so that it can be easier for our travelers to look for the kind of property they want and thus expand and diversify the offer to your target audience, increasing our (both companies) billing, the result of our partnership.
Besides the idea of ​​enjoying Your real estate under conditions agreed in a contract with "fee" to set, we are also on hand to start this partnership, giving the opportunity to join our platform and insert your houses. The idea is as aforesaid, enjoy Your real estate network and disseminate it to the world, our customers, tourists, students and interested in investing in this market.
We have many good customers, that's for sure.
Our dear customers, who place trust and interest in our service and support, we promise a close relation, and the best quality / price existing in the market. I hope you can be our big differentiation in the market and brand image. The sympathy, education, professionalism of our employees and the quality of our homes.
Would I like to get in touch with you directly to your phone number, by mail or Skype, rental4all.
I hope you find the above information useful to consider your decision to participate and be well looked after by us. We are always available to help. 
We will give you all the information and send them a presentation and all documentation requested by yourself and the confirmed reservation.
I am, as you read above, ready to start a friendly relationship, useful and successful for a long time.
Alexandre Carranca


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