S&C is a phenomenal piano academy entirely dedicated to adult piano education.

After the huge success of The London Piano Institute in the United Kingdom, master pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert decided to open S&C. She wanted to offer adult piano enthusiasts who reside in Dubai the privilege to benefit from an outstanding piano instruction.

Our success is due to our strive for excellence but also to our unparalleled understanding of adult amateur pianists.

At S&C, we invite all adults, from absolute beginners to advanced, to study with exceptional piano instructors who know how to help them improve their skills drastically while making their piano lessons extremely enjoyable.

Our piano pupils can be ensured to be taught in a manner that suits their wishes and personality and to never be judged or patronised. On the contrary, our piano instructors guide and encourage them towards their goal in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our piano courses for adults take place weekly on a set day and time and run throughout the year.


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