The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

12, Amosova Vul
15th floor
Kyiv, 03680
+380 444 905 800

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine began operations in Ukraine in 1992.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine's Mission

  • Unite leading organizations in Ukraine, irrespective of national origin, around common principles.
  • Provide an effective platform for networking, information sharing and achieving common goals.
  • Advocate for a business environment governed by the fair and transparent application of the rule of law to enable private enterprises to flourish.
  • Provide access to information, resources, contacts and business support services to facilitate new investment.

The Vision of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is to be:

  • The leading voice of the internationally oriented business community in Ukraine, which provides superior value and does not compromise in our values of providing excellence to our Members and external stakeholders.
  • A respected, influential and sought-after interlocutor to Ukrainian authorities, diplomatic and donor communities on business, investment, and economic issues.
  • An indispensable partner of the business community, providing assistance to new investors and innovative value added benefits to Members as well as maintaining an effective forum for networking and sharing information.
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