Looking to relocate to Germany to take up work? Here at CXC Germany GmbH, we understand how daunting this may seem.

Not only do you have to source and secure a job, but you also need to get registered, set up a company, open a bank account, ensure you compliantly optimise your tax structure, find accommodation and that’s just the start!

Rest assure however, as CXC Germany GmbH are here to help you. With over 30 offices spanning 5 continents globally, CXC Global launched CXC Germany GmbH in February 2008. We specialise in reducing the administrative burden that relocating to Germany involves, ensuring that you can focus on what really matters – you and your business!

CXC Germany GmbH will provide:

  • Assistance with your registration at the foreigner’s office (Auslanderbehorde)
  • Provision of a company structure
  • Minimise the tax you pay whilst working in Germany
  • Peace of mind – forget having to cope with German beauracracy
  • Processing of all of your administration and payroll
  • Advice on all allowable business related expenses
  • Preparation of your personal income tax return at the end of the tax year
  • Assistance with opening a bank account
  • Provision of reference letters for accommodation purposes
  • Experienced local staffs to provide on-the-ground support
  • Speedy and hassle free integration into Germany
  • Help with language barriers
  • Insurance cover for contract work
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