Fluidmeet is an online marketplace that allows workspace seekers to view, compare and select the most suitable workspace for their requirements. Workspace seekers can compare info like images, sizes, venue type, location, pricing, amenities and more online on the platform. Workspace seekers can directly book and pay for workspaces for short-term bookings, of hours or day(s), online using their credit cards. These online bookings apply to meeting/ conference/ training rooms, office spaces, co-working spaces and event spaces. Workspace seekers can also request a tour OR request a call back OR request to book workspaces for long-term bookings of weeks or year(s). These long-term bookings apply to offices spaces and co-working spaces. Fluidmeet also offers workspace seekers catered options priced per person; for example: banquet hall for 50 people for 3 days with 2 coffee breaks and lunch, priced at 120 AED per person.


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