Robo Vend (Prague, Czech Republic) is the manufacturer and seller of an automatic touchscreen copy+print+scan vending machine called – RoboCopy. The machine can be effectively placed at ANY public place with high foot traffic! Universities, colleges, dormitories and hostels, libraries, state institutions as well as shopping centers, supermarkets, subways can all be profitable locations for RoboCopy. RoboCopy is completely automated, requires minimum installation area and low power consumption, supports work in case of blackout. The machine has durable ergonomic design, large supply of consumables, user-friendly interface adjustable for all counties, currencies and languages. RoboCopy needs no personnel, is equipped with online monitoring of work processes and statistics, supports remote control of setting, provides SMS notification of performance, accepts banknotes and coins, gives change in coins and banknotes. In its extended version RoboCopy is equipped with vend-screen playing advertising videos, which is an additional profit to our customers. One technical person can serve about 70 machines if they are located in one town. Its main features are: b/w & color copy; b/w & color scan and file saving to USB device; b/w & color print from USB device; automatic b/w & color two-side print; file copy: USB ->USB device; ‘Library of forms and templates’ which allows uploading different forms of documents depending on machine’s emplacement.

With minimal costs and efforts, RoboCopy stays profitable all year round!    

    Robo Vend
     Robo Vend

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