HIRS Global: Leading the Way in Electronic Weighing Solutions for the UAE and Saudi Arabia

HIRS Global, established with over five decades of experience, is a prominent supplier of electronic weighing scales and weighbridges in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. TWe are committed to providing accurate, reliable, and innovative weighing solutions to cater to the diverse needs of customers in both the retail and industrial segments, particularly focusing on the GCC markets.

Retail Solutions for Seamless Transactions:

HIRS Global offers a comprehensive suite of retail weighing equipment designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in customer transactions. Our product range includes barcode label printing scales, price computing scales, bench scales, table top scales, hanging scales, and POS (Point of Sale) systems. These solutions are specifically crafted to streamline the checkout process, minimize errors, and ultimately contribute to improved customer service and overall business success.

Industrial Expertise for Diverse Applications:

Beyond retail, HIRS Global caters to the industrial sector with a range of robust weighing solutions. Our industrial weighing scale product lineup includes weighbridges or truck scales, container stacker scales, load cells, forklift scales, pallet truck scales, wheel loader scales, material handling scales, truck scale software, calibration services, crane scales, floor scales, bench scales and precision balances.



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