Ian Murton Hypnotherapy

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Stotfold, SG5 4GP
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+44 7 855 759 533

Hello I'm Ian and I'm a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in helping people to remove unwanted anxiety from their lives.

I am also a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for insomnia (CBTi), so I help people just like you to adopt a beneficial sleeping pattern. It is very common for people with anxious thoughts to find it difficult to get to sleep or to stay asleep.

I use a combination of hypnotherapy and CBTi to help people who have been suffering from insomnia for decades to sleep better in a matter of weeks.

Are you finding that negative thoughts keep whirring around in your mind? Do you worry about the past and the future? Do you tend to blow things out of proportion? Do you neagitively forecast the future?

These are all very common symptoms of anxiety. The great news is that your life really doesn't need to be like this. You really don't need to let anxiety control your life and stop you living your life to the full. Together we can remove unwanted anxiety from your life in a matter of weeks.


Can you imagine waking up refreshed in just a few weeks time free from ruminating thoughts. What's the first thing you would notice? What difference would this make to you and those closest to you?

This really can become your reality as it has done for so many of my previous clients.

My goal is always to make you feel safe and secure while I support you in the process of change. My sole aim is to work with you to help you move forward with your life, using a variety of different therapies to free you from your anxiety or insomnia, so you can look forward to a new and exciting future. I will support you for as long as you need me.

I work online via Zoom so you can become the best version of yourself all from the comfort of your own home


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