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At TaalBoost Dutch language courses in Amsterdam, we combine the latest theories in foreign language acquisition and teaching with the specificities of the Dutch language and culture. 

That way, we make the Dutch language learning journey for expats, professionals and internationals living in Amsterdam and the Netherlands motivating, logical and enjoyable.

The TaalBoost approach is all about functional and optimal Dutch language learning that encompasses listening, reading, writing and primarily speaking, divided into three parts: input, activation and consolidation. TaalBoost teachers are there to carefully guide you throughout the whole process, motivate you, offer explanations, and give feedback.

Each lesson compiles a series of engaging, focused, and practical exercises that you execute in pairs or small groups, with other like-minded internationals. There is never a dull moment - each lesson feels like a fun game!

You can attend the beginners lessons as a 6-week evening course twice per week, a one-week intensive course or a 10-week Saturday course. The intermediate and advanced courses can be attended as evening courses.

Finally, we regularly organise Open Days where you can join the free trial lesson, and other free events where you can boost your knowledge of Dutch language and culture. 

Head straight to our website for the most recent course and event updates!

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