Birralee International School Trondheim

Birralee International School Trondheim
Granåsveien 6
Trondheim, 7048
Norway Zobacz na mapie
+47 73 870 260

At Birralee, we believe that by providing a varied, stimulating and secure learning environment and by valuing each child as an individual, we will encourage the children to develop their special talents and reach for their full potential. We encourage them to become inquisitive and independent learners and to develop the self-discipline necessary to complete tasks and make responsible decisions.

We believe that by providing a happy, child-centered classroom environment and diverse teaching methods, we will foster the children's self-esteem and self-confidence and help them to develop the skills needed to take responsibility for themselves, each other, and our natural environment. We aim to provide continuity in the education of children moving from one country to another.

At Birralee, we encourage a close community spirit. Social and cultural activities are organized for the enjoyment of children, parents, and staff. As our school shares a building with a Norwegian primary school, there are plenty of opportunities for fostering friendships. In this way, the children gain an understanding of the Norwegian language and experience the local traditions. We are fortunate in having children from many different countries in the school. This enables us all to appreciate the diversity of cultural, linguistic, and religious differences around us. It gives the whole school community the opportunity to practice peaceful co-existence and is a fine foundation for developing international solidarity and understanding.

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