Little Hands Kids Club

Knowledge Village
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We offer early year education integrated with childcare for children from 4 months to 4 years old. They have a strong dedicated team who has the interest of every child at heart, as well as making their classroom lessons interesting their plan many exciting trips and events to make sure that children remain interested in their learning.

The main aim of the centre is to ensure the children feel safe, happy in a friendly environment. They nurture each child to help their development in all areas physical, emotional, social, intellectually and language.

We aim to meet the children’s and the parents needs and wishes, ensuring that your time at little hands club is happy and enriching.

We provide an environment and a program in which the child is both cared for and helped to grow. the program is based on the notion that children learn through play” JUST PLAY” is serious work for children and when properly guided produces important learning.

We believe in active learning which occurs when kids are enthusiastic to learn and are interested in finding out for themselves..

We balance between quiet and active, indoor and outdoor, individual and group, free play and directed activities…. Activities include puzzles, painting, drawing, sand and water play, music and movement, …

• Unique Child
• Positive Relationship
• Enabling Environments
• Learning and Development
• Personal, Social, Emotional Development
• Knowledge and Understanding of the World
• Creative Development

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