Clarion School

Al Asayel St, 13, 13
United Arab Emirates

Clarion School is a progressive US curriculum school located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Affiliated with New York's Bank Street College of Education, the school seeks to be the leading American school in the MENA region. Staffed by class teachers who all have a Master's Degree in Education, the school equips children with the appropriate literacies, skills, competencies and character traits so as to take full advantage of life's opportunities both in the present and undefined future.


To be the leading US curriculum school in the region, nurturing each student’s potential so as to take full advantage of life’s opportunities as collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community.


Clarion School offers a challenging, engaging and supportive educational program, enriched by the innovation of Dubai, strengthened by collaboration with parents and external partnerships and delivered by the highest quality of faculty. We cultivate inspirational and creative opportunities to develop each student’s potential. We nurture intellectual curiosity, reflection and higher order thinking through experiential and meaningful learning and innovative applications of understanding and skills.

Our students are challenged to high expectations and engaging with the world as collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community. They are prepared for acceptance into competitive universities in the United States and across the world, as well as for future success in work and life.


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