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Ch. Frank-Thomas, 66, 66
Cologny, 1223
Switzerland Toon kaart
+41 763 425 862

Since we began MyExpatShop back in 2006, our first priority was to offer a friendly efficient service, swift delivery schedules, combined with the best prices possible.   Mission accomplished and today, these remain our goals.   MyExpatShop has over 600 items in stock but over 20,000 items are available to us.  We can provide just about anything.

Our second goal was to provide top notch bacon and sausages.  Mission accomplished.  Since importing them is not possible given Swiss restrictions, we have teamed up with a Swiss butcher and are now preparing sausages and bacon to very high British standards.   The fact that high end hotels and restaurants are buying them from us is a testament to the quality. Only the best goes into making our sausages and bacon. 

Crumpets, muffins, Pukka Pies, English bread and much much more, are now available in our store.  You can order online and have the order shipped to you, collect from our store, or buy from one of many shops around the Lac Leman region stocking our products.  You can find out who and where they are by checking our website,

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a product please feel free to send a message to [...]


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