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I am a very creative cook and I am blessed with the talent to turn nearly any set of products into a tasty good meal! And I am sure YOU CAN COOK TOO!

I have spent most of my career life as a working mother, travelling up to 60% of the time, bringing up two daughters and obviously feeding my family the best I could. And the best I could meant shopping for huge quantities, cooking during the weekends to last a week, freezing, preserving, planning, trying to shop at lunch time, coming home with food too late to cook and so on… as you probably do.
I gained quite a lot of weight in this hectic lifestyle and lost touch with what eating healthy and, above all, being healthy means.

Since I became self employed and have more time to think and explore the science and art of cooking healthy, my weight melted down.
To share our experience with you, we have conceived the idea of providing a delivery service together with the balanced recipes I am inventing every day. Together with my two daughters, who are trained as hospitality managers and my husband, who is logistics specialist, we have established a delivery company: LaimaDinner Sàrl.
We deliver, you cook, all for your satisfaction!

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