Olga Goncalves-Jose Manuel Sosa Law Firm

Rua Baptista Lopes n.19A - 1·
Faro, 8000-225
Portugal Toon kaart
+351 289 803 344

OLGA LEAL GONÇALVES and JOSÉ MANUEL SOSA are the founders of the law office located at Rua Baptista Lopes, no. 19-A, 1st., in the centre of Faro, Algarve and with activity since 1992.

The office’s practice is ruled by the devotion and personalised relationship with its Clients. The resolution and, mainly, the prevention of their Clients’ problems are the first goals pursuant to which they develop their activity. Combining the technical ability with the respect for the ethical rules of the exercise of their profession, they place themselves next to the clients in the strict and dynamic defence of their interests and positions.

The office practices law mainly in the regions of Algarve and Alentejo, but reckons upon the cooperation in association with other law offices spread by the country and abroad in order to better serve its Clients’ interests at the national and international levels.

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