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Telefosi is a leading discount phone service in Italy offering low-cost calls to international destinations. Telefosi is directly accessible from landlines, mobiles and payphones. No registration, no pre-payment, no contract is needed

Cheap international calls from Italy

  • No registration
  • No pre-payment
  • No account to open
  • No credit cards
  • No contract

It is so easy!

  1. Dial the access number associated with the destination you wish to call.
  2. After hearing the welcome message, enter the number you wish to call. That´s all.

For example: to call USA

  1. 199 208 001 (access number) – wait for the prompt
  2. Enter 001 (country code) followed by destination number, for example 404 254 1234

When calling to landlines or mobiles within Italy, make sure you don’t forget the country code for Italy (0039), for example 0039 321 123 123. Charges will conveniently appear on your regular telephone invoice.

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