Direct Dutch Institute

Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië, 275
Den Haag, 2593 BS
Netherlands Toon kaart
+31 (0)703 654 677

Do you want to get your head around the elementary grammar of the Dutch language, boost your somewhat shaky level of Dutch or work on your fluency (even after the NT2 exam)? Are you looking for a course in the morning, the evening or the weekend, or even two weeks of total immersion during your holidays? At Direct Dutch Institute, we offer the right course for everyone willing to invest time and effort to seriously improve their Dutch. We also provide private lessons and flexible in-company courses. 

Are you looking for oppurtunities to practise your Dutch? We organise a free filmclub (A1/A2 +), workshops (A2+) and a bookclub (B1+). 

For more information about our courses and our events, visit our website.


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