La Gigiotta

La Gigiotta is in Perugia
n° 58/a Annibale Vecchi street
Italy Toon kaart
+39 3 394 906 369

In a world which slides to the depersonalization of things, where most of them are made by cold machineries, in a world which grows always fast, where all becames haste and anxiety, stop yourself, just for few minutes and allow your eyes to have a rest; looking at the simple but marvellous creations of Cristina, a woman who still belives in the objects realized by her hands, by her immagination, and with her time.

In her atelier of decoration, you can find all you're looking for wall paintings (stencil and trompe l'oeil) to give an original, refined, elegant and also fun, touch to your cold and empty walls.

And what about your furniture? Have you got an ancient and ruined table, chair or wardrobe? Cristina can enrich them with great decorations. And about your children's room, you can find many original and fun ideas, also with Disney© characters, guaranteed by a long experience of collaboration with the famous trade-mark.

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