United World College of South East Asia (East Campus)

1 Tampines Street 73
Singapore, 528704
Singapore Toon kaart
+65 63 055 344

Beyond love, education is the most important gift parents can give to their children.

An education at UWCSEA is about actively combining challenging and enriching experiences with academic rigour and creative opportunities. We want our students to have the courage to push back the boundaries of their experience and to explore the possibilities that are available to them. Whilst we are proud of their academic results, there is so much more to the education we provide. It is, therefore, important that parents wholeheartedly support the ethos of the College.
Whether it is in the classroom, on the stage, whilst participating in an expedition, on the sports field or when serving others, we want UWCSEA students to experience the excitement of discovering they are capable of achieving far more than they ever felt was possible. We have high expectations of our students and they, in turn, have high expectations of themselves.
We welcome the rich diversity of backgrounds and experiences that our international students bring to the College and facilitate the sharing of different perspectives amongst students. In doing so, we actively encourage the students to be critical of the world around them and recognize that each and every one of them can make a difference. We also place an emphasis upon service and resolving global issues. Deeply rooted in the College philosophy is a fundamental belief in the good of young people.


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