Leipzig International School

Könneritzstraße 47
Leipzig, 04229
Germany Toon kaart
+49 3 413 375 580

Intensive Learning

Leipzig International School offers top-level education. The school provides a caring and personalised environment in which students develop independent learning and decision-making skills. 

Individual Creativity

Students learn in an environment aimed at fostering individual potential in a cooperative family-like atmosphere. Small classes ensure that students develop their creative talents, placing the student’s own experience at the heart of the learning process. 

Information and Communication Technology 

Many classrooms at Leipzig International School are equipped with interactive whiteboards. There are also two connected computer labs, student workstations throughout the building, a Very High Speed DSL (VDSL) internet connection and a wireless network for students. The use of technology in the classroom helps students to focus and makes learning more enjoyable. Communication about learning continues outside of the classroom through blogs, wikis and the virtual learning environment Moodle.

Integrated Facilities

Since its renovation and expansion in 2007, the school provides spacious classrooms, 4000 m2 of outside area (renewed in 2010), a large multipurpose-hall, a cafeteria and a library as well as dedicated art, music, science and computer facilities.

Innovative Activities

Leipzig International School offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities an the areas of sport, music, art and languages to foster students’ individual talents and skills. Students are encouraged to try out things they have never done before.

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