Ecole Bilingue Internationale Côte d'Azur

Les Espaces de Sophia
80, route des Lucioles
Sophia Antipolis, 06560
France Toon kaart
+33 (0)493 643 284

EBICA– Ecole Bilingue Internationale Côte d’Azur – is located in the heart of Sophia-Antipolis in an environment largely open to nature. EBICA offers French-English bilingual classes from Preschool to Secondary school. With small class sizes, EBICA provides a warm and friendly atmosphere and is proud to contribute to the academic success of each student. At EBICA we know each child and can provide him/her with a safe and secure environment in which he/she feels confident and can interact with each adult.

EBICA offers a unique concept of dynamic pedagogy which combines academic excellence and openness to the world.

Our team has been carefully selected for its pedagogical skills, its dedication towards the success of each student, and its multicultural experience. All teachers teach in their native language and adapt their programmes to the needs of each student.

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