Greenaway Scott is a business law firm that specializes in the following areas; corporate finance & mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial advice and contracts, intellectual property, life science and healthcare, technology and start-up and spin-out business. We aim to become an integral part of the business of our clients, providing legal advice and solutions and commercial and strategic input when necessary to enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Greenaway Scott major services are as follows in the given areas:

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions 
Expert drafting bespoke agreements for Commercial Contracts 
Intellectual Property includes help in trademarks, copyrights and protection 
Bespoke advisory services in Life-science & Healthcare 
Advise Technology driven industries 
Giving Start-Ups and Spin-Outs services to draft all sort of documents and help in getting a platform 
Ancillary Services

No matter the size of your business, Greenaway Scott is always there to help you with the best quality law services, legitimately and in the most reliable manner.


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