Obrechtstrasse 2
Muttenz, 4132
Switzerland Toon kaart
+41 614 619 731

USS TAX provides U.S. and Swiss tax consulting and compliance services.  We place special emphasis on reliable and individualized consulting advice and our U.S. and Swiss tax experts work in conjunction to support your particular needs.  
We provide a wide range of U.S. and Swiss tax services, however the core aspect of our business is providing simultaneous U.S. and Swiss tax services to any U.S. and Swiss cross-border transfers.  Please refer to our services section to review a complete list of our service offerings.  Whether you are an American living and working in Switzerland, a Swiss living and working in the U.S., or just a domestic U.S. or Swiss taxpayer, we can help you with your tax needs!  
Our tax experts have many years of consulting and compliance experience and will support you in all aspects of your tax matters.

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