Capital Consulting

Rue du Château 23
Peseux, 2034
Switzerland Toon kaart
+41 327 329 700

Capital Consulting provides tailor-made tax planning and management all over the world. For consultants and for agencies, we provide one point of contact within a compliant structure, for fiscal and administrative services in the arena of international contracting.

We have a formidable team of international tax specialists with exceptionally wide experience, who will ensure that working internationally is both enjoyable and profitable for you.  Our experience includes:

  • tax planning for contractors, consultants and freelancers working abroad, including umbrella company services, and solutions for the internationally mobile who require planning to ensure tax compliance in multiple countries;
  • contract management services, including optimisation of international social security requirements; and
  • advice for those considering working abroad as contractors or independent professionals.

This website is full of information about the Capital Consulting approach to tax optimisation. Whether you are an independent consultant or an agency working internationally, we will make your life easier.

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