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Head quarter in Montevideo
Subsidiary in Buenos Aires
AAJ, C1047
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01Argentina.com is a Travel agency by Sichi Tours with headquarter  in Buenos Aires Argentina. 01Argentina.com is registered through the Argenitian Ministry of Tourism under the file number 17869 and is member of A.S.T.A (American Sociaty of Travel Agents).  01Argentina.com is a travel company dedicated to tourism on a grand scale. We offer a wide variety of vacations and tour packages to suit your tastes including all types of lodging, in both countries Uruguay and Argentina.

Our spirit is reflected on our websites: 


(You can book tour packages in Argentina)

Though these web sites you will find tour packages to tourist destinations like:  Patagonia Argentina.  The Iguazu Falls.  Glacier Perito Moreno. Ushuaia. Puerto Madryn. Colonia Uruguay. Buenos Aires. Punta del Este. Bariloche. Mendoza. Montevideo, Uruguay.  We also offer Spanish Courses in: Spanish School in Bariloche Spanish School in Buenos Aires.  Spanish School in Argentina.  Spanish School in Uruguay. Spanish School in Montevideo

Upon visiting these websites, you will find a large amount of offers that we supply, however we feel that it is not the number of offers but our personalized services that are the most important aspect of our Travel Company and Spanish School. Among these personalized services that help make our relationship with our clients more comfortable, you have the option to contacting us to ask us anything you many need about Argentina and Uruguay. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity as well as many others, all you have to do is consult us! We hope to hear from you soon!


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