Thea Monza is a luxurious mansion in the city of Monza near Milan in Italy. Plan your stay at Thea Monza during your visit at Monza and have a unique experience. 

Thea Monza is a luxurious mansion in the heart of city of Monza. It is a prestigious home reminding you of the charm and silence of nineteenth century. It is situated in front of Royal Villa of Park Monza. The rooms are designed to provide every modern amenity and comfort to its guests.

Thea Monza has the following list of services for its guests:

·         Free Wifi

·         King-size rooms

·         Buffet breakfast

·         Beautiful Location

·         Panoramic Terrace

·         Business Rooms for meeting

·         Free Parking

The rooms are wide and spacious with unique style. You can turn your stay into life long experience. Enjoy the following experience during your stay at Thea Monza:

·         Park Experience – Enjoy the vast expanse of greenery at Monza Park which is ready to welcome you with open arms. This is one of the largest parks in Europe. You can stroll in the park, rent a bicycle for ride. Moreover you can enjoy the activities like swimming, tennis, golf, and horse riding.

·         Monza City Experience – Enjoy the beauty of Monza city while staying at Monza hotel –Theamonza. Visit Ponte dei Leoni, a bridge with three arches. It is the best place to enjoy the sunset in Monza. Other popular places to visit in Monza include Reggia di Monza, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, The Chapel of Teodolinda and the Iron Crown, Church of Santa Margherita and the history of the Monaca di Monza, Arengario, and Expiatory Chapel.

·         Driving Experience – If you are a driving enthusiastic, then Monza is the perfect place for you. Choose from a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and fly on the F1 racing track.

·         Golf Experience – Monza Golf Club is the perfect place to relax and enjoy with your friends. There are three exciting golf routes that run through the Monza Park.

·         Horse Riding Experience – Have a unique experience of horse riding during your stay at hotel Monza. Along with horse riding you can experience other sports like tennis, swimming, and tennis. Horse riding lessons will also be provided to first time riders.

·         Bike Experience – Rent a bicycle and ride through the tree line cover of the Park Monza. It will give you a pleasant experience and will also recharge your mood and energy. Have fun during the Royal Half Marathon.


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