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International students can find the process of opening a UK bank account challenging and frustrating. It can take weeks.

You don’t have to face the same problems though. Open your Aspire e-account with debit card easily online even before leaving home. The convenient, all-purpose account with student discounts.

If you want to, you can give your parents integrated access so they can transfer money to you at any time.

When you open an Aspire Account you can start using it straight away, even before you leave home, to pay for accommodation or tuition fees for example.

Then when you arrive in the UK and confirm your UK address we can send your Visa debit card to you overnight.

Because we believe all your Banking and Foreign Exchange problems should be sorted before you arrive in the UK,

So you can relax and get on with living!

  • Make and receive money transfers
  • Money management & budgeting tool
  • UK sort code & Account No.
  • Use the account immediately – even before you receive your card
  • Part of the Visa Global Network
  • Accepted in cash machines (ATMs) & retailers globally
  • Contactless payment technology
  • Cashback rewards programme
  • Safe and secure transfers from over 135 different currencies
  • Transfer local currency or GBP to your Aspire account
  • No hidden charges
  • Open account within 2 days
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Free and instant Aspire-to-Aspire transfers
  • Authenticated bank statements for Tier 4 Visa applications
  • Block & Unblock your card online in your account

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