Get the best of therapist, psychologist and life coaches at an affordable price in Dubai. You get a first free 15 minute consultation service and then you can book the package worth 1396 AED ( 4 sessions, 1 hr each) with unlimited messaging.

To find the best psychologist in Dubai at an affordable range can be a task. I have tried so many places for online therapy but all of them range from 600 to 1400 AED for just 1 hr.

Recently one of my friends had suggested a new site, I was a bit skeptical at first but then I thought why not give it a try.

What made me want to try Fitcy Health?
1. They provided a first free session for 15 min, you get to know your therapist. ( You can get 3 trials until you find the right match)

2. They provide a 4 session package which means I can get one therapy session every week.

3. THE BEST PART, the per session cost is only 349 AED.

On fitcy health as per my observation, the best psychologists are Daiana,Cayte, Ahmed, Aleksandra and Una


They also have an affordable package -

596 AED (4 sessions, 1hr each)

199 AED for a single session if bought separately 


    Испрати порака на Fitcy Health