Institut Montana Zugerberg is a Swiss-international boarding school and day school for children aged 6-19.

We are a Swiss international day and boarding school for students aged 6-19. Students can experience boarding life at the age of 10 and we are located on the idyllic Zugerberg Mountain, less than one hour away from the city of Zurich.

  • Bilingual Elementary School - Grades 1 to 6

    An immersive bilingual programme taught in German and English that follows the Swiss curriculum.

  • Bilingual Middle School – Grades 7-9

    An optional programme for students who need extra support before continuing their studies at the high school level. Intensive language support programmes in German (DAZ) and English (EAL) are available.

  • Swiss High School – Grades 7 to 12

    Earn the Swiss Matura in German or German and English to gain direct entry into a top Swiss university.

  • International School – Grades 6 to 12

    Earn the IGCSE and then decide between the IB Diploma or US High School Diploma, depending on your needs and ideal university destination.

Our Community

With 380 students from over 56 nationalities and a 4:1 student ratio, our international community is defined by personal care, support, and open-mindedness. We are a place to grow and learn.

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide the best education possible so that students can grow and thrive into global-minded citizens, ready to take on the world. We promote internationalism, individualism, and integration. We ensure the highest quality when it comes to our teaching staff, academics, safety, and respect. We seek to not only create scholars but successful individuals as well.

Please contact our Admissions team to learn more about our school and become a part of our community.


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