The Embassy of Greece in Moscow, Russia

Spyridonovka Ul N 14
Moscow, 123001
Russia Visualizza mappa
+7 ( 495)5 392 940

In 2008, Greece and Russia celebrate 180 years of diplomatic relations. Since their official establishment, these relations remain excellent.

Our country is represented by its Embassy in Moscow and the General Consulates in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novorossiysk. The Russian Federation has an Embassy in Athens and a General Consulate in Thessaloniki.

II. Political relations

The two countries are connected with strong bonds of friendship based, among other things, on their common spiritual and cultural values as well as their common historical experiences. Today, Greek-Russian political relations are conducted in a spirit of close cooperation and mutual trust. There is also long-standing cooperation in the economic and energy sector. With regard to cultural matters, there are significant opportunities for cooperation due to the rich cultural heritage of both countries.

Another important factor contributing to the development of relations between the two countries is the historical presence of a significant number of Russians of Greek origin, mostly in the southernmost regions of Russia.

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