Team Fitness is the only private gym on the North Shore to offer sprung hardwood flooring, which has been shown to decrease exercise induced injuries.

Our newly renovated exclusive personal training studio is centrally located in North Vancouver and our flexible scheduling will accommodate your busy life.

The Team Fitness Studio provides you with:

  • A complete health and fitness experience within an exclusive gym setting.
  • State of the art strength training equipment including multi-functional cable systems, weight machines, free weights, and cardio equipment.
  • Newly renovated hardwood, sprung flooring to absorb shock and keep your joints safe from injury.
  • Full private change room and shower facilities, along with complimentary towel service.
  • The tf Lifestyles Shop with an array of chilled beverages, shakes, nutritional supplements, and bottled water to quench your thirst and replenish your body.
  • Access to a network of professionals fully qualified to meet your healthcare needs.
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