Royal Vale School

Somerled Avenue Montr al, CA H3X 2A5
Montreal, 5851
Canada Visualizza mappa
+1 5 144 812 463

The mission of Royal Vale School is to:

  • Develop within a French Immersion setting and an enriched math/science curriculum, students’ cognitive skills, communications skills and intellectual curiosity, enabling them to become effective, critical thinkers and creative individuals.
  • Provide a supportive atmosphere that encourages acceptance of, and respect for, others and oneself, democratic values and an understanding of the relationship of the individual, the school and the community
  • Prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world through a challenging curriculum and extensive extra-curricular activities which provide our students the opportunity to assume leadership roles.

School Philosophy

The philosophy of Royal Vale School stresses the following:

  • Cooperation and recognition for excellence
  • Lateral enrichment
  • Learning through manipulation, discovery, observation and experimentation
  • Learning to understand, develop, apply and communicate knowledge

Basic Information

The school’s organization offers the following:

  • An enriched math/science curriculum
  • French Immersion Program
  • Compulsory School Uniform
  • Extra-curricular Activity Program (compulsory)
  • Students must pass a grade level. (There is no subject promotion at the Secondary Level)
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