Hello, my name is Alex Wright, and I do therapy through only text.

I studied at California State University, Long Beach for my undergraduate degree and then transferred to the Rutger's School of Social Work to work on my Master's degree. I've worked as a therapist for children, as a group therapist for adults, and as a crisis counselor. 

The reason I started this website is because I'm a big believer in solution-oriented therapy. That might not sound like it means much, but it actually sets us apart from a lot of other organizations. Many believe that we should be good listeners but not do much of anything else. They believe we should refrain from offering resources and solutions.

Though I do believe that listening is an essential part of therapy, I believe that it should rollover into a discussion on what can be done to actually help the situation, whether that be a solution to a problem or just a solution to a feeling. Countless resources are available and those should be made known to you.

In my practice, I utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectival behavioral therapy (DBT), positive psychology, and more.

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