Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Making sure you use the best quality oil is essential to maintaining the health of your equipment.

Alpha Oil is a global lubricant manufacturing company based in UAE. Founded in 2009, Alpha Oil was created to disrupt the oil industry with one simple goal in mind: to provide elite lubricants at affordable prices.

We thrive to provide our customers with a robust fuel supply without having them empty their bank balances.

This is why all of our products that infuse the latest technology and expert engineering are priced so that our distributors and customers around the world can tap into their power easily.

Alpha Oils features premium-quality automotive lubricants. These include our prized petrol and diesel engine oils. In addition, industrial oil at Alpha Oil is produced to cater to a wide variety of industrial demands. The same goes for our multi-purpose and specialty greases. You can cool things off with antifreeze coolants, and perfectly protect your engine's transmission through our high-quality transmission fluid.

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