"The K-solution is a brandname of Global Business Division at SEAH Accounting Corporation."

SEAH Accounting Corporation was incorporated in 2018 to provide professional tax in Korea and accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises. SEAH currently employs over 40 professionals with at least 5 year experience at banks, securities companies, major accounting firms, and major multi-national companies.

The principal reason why SEAH set up the Global Business Division (The K-solution) is to fulfill the increasing needs of many foreign invested business entities in Korea for the affordable and reliable accounting and tax services. The K-solution is led by high caliber professionals with minimum 8 year experience of servicing prestigious multi-national enterprises at major accounting firms.

Foreign invested business entities in Korea have mostly relied upon Big 4 accounting firms for their tax and accounting service needs. However, SEAH has realized that many multi-national entities in Korea are substantially suffering from the excessive service charge of Big 4 firms in Korea for their non-competitive services. Since SEAH’s firm philosophy is to fill the gap of such inefficiency at accounting and tax service market in Korea, it was natural for SEAH to build The K-solution to satisfy the enormous needs of multi-national companies in Korea for the price-competitive and high quality accounting and tax services.

In a nutshell, for those foreign invested entities in Korea that are in need of inexpensive, reliable, and timely accounting and tax services, The K-solution is the ultimate SOLUTION.


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Kevin Kwon, CPA

Tel: +82-2-6338-3293    Mobile: +82-10-2702-5891

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