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Online therapy is a brand new innovation that takes advantage of the rise of the internet and new technologies, such as chat or videoconference, to reinvent traditional therapy.

We aim to bring quality therapy closer to those who need it most. The help and professionals that once were out of reach can now be accessed at your fingertips! Using online specialized therapists, we can quickly detect certain disorders and intervene to prevent them from getting worse over time.

Online psychology offers convenience and more affordable pricing. It has been proven to be just as effective as face-to-face psychology. It develops from the anonymity that the internet offers us, which facilitates the emotional expression of patients who want to preserve their intimacy when talking about their personal difficulties. Either because they feel uncomfortable or unable to talk about it through the traditional way. Another advantage of this new type of therapy is that it allows easy access to online psychologists of different specialties. Within psychology there are many currents and orientations: systemiccognitive behavioralGestaltpsychoanalysispsychodynamic, etc. Each has its own way of approaching different disorders or problems. In such a way, online psychology allows people to be connected with the therapist or professional that best fits their particular needs, thus increasing the chances of a successful therapy. As you see, they are all advantages!


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