Free Spirit Life Coach & Energy Therapist

Working as a mental health coach and energy therapist since 2015, I learned that each moment of doubt, despair, fear, sadness, and darkness carries the gift of a new beginning and redirecting the path into the light with itself. 

We are at a point of human evolution where we are collectively moving into a higher state of being. This transit, however, results in numerous challenges in our personal lives by triggering old traumas and wounds in our system, and bringing online phantoms of the past so that they can be released and healed for good.

As one of those who already crossed this passage a few years ago, I am here to support and assist others to have a smooth crossover.
Your path to inner peace and a happier life may start here today. Take your time to poke about my page to find the most suitable offer for your current situation.
To share my gifts with people all around the world regardless of their place of residence, I offer my coaching sessions (in German, English, and Persian) online via Skype and my energy therapies via distant healing tools.
To build the relationship with my clients based upon mutual trust and to make coaching and healing available to everybody regardless of their financial position, I work based on donations*. 

To keep the relationship transparent and fair I ask my clients to check the prices by other providers.

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