When Summer Comes

Oaklands Ave, 17
Birmingham, B17 9TU
United Kingdom
+44 (0)7 769 895 876

Luxury interior and exterior furniture for people who enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

When Summer Comes is an exclusive lifestyle company that connects people with beautifully designed indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories inspired by nature.

From al fresco dining with family and friends to a restful place to sit, unwind and relax, you will discover a range of handmade furniture that combines to create a story like a summer itself – a collection of contemporary and bespoke design solutions where form follows function and clean lines meet organic shapes . 

Designs that will heighten your appreciation and enjoyment of those wonderful moments only summer can afford. Moments to be shared with family and friends.

Likewise, if your requirements extend beyond what is currently available on our website, When Summer Comes bespoke furniture design service is capable of turning your living or working space into something exceptional.

We can’t control the seasons, but we can help you optimise the space you have with furniture that is beautiful, distinctive and inspirational.



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