Unlike most Online Catalogues, here at Yes Catalogue we will NOT perform any credit checks on you, and guarantee an account to everyone who applies. Instead of using a traditional credit check, we have engineered a payment system that allows our customers to prove their ability to pay. We do this by staging the purchase of your chosen goods over a series of instalment payments that show to us that you have the means to pay for the item and you can do so on a timely and contractual basis. Once you have made a series of 6 payments you will qualify as a good credit customer and your good will be dispatched. Each time you return as a customer having completed a purchase; you will be upgraded to the next credit tier. The credit tiers are £400, £500 and finally £600.
Put simply, we care more about your credit future than your credit past, and firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance when it comes to owning the products they want.

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